ECSTD works to relieve poverty in South Africa through the education of disadvantaged children and by supporting their families and the communities they live in.

Our Specialities

  • Feeding the Hungry

  • Children Education

  • Health Awareness Outreach

  • Economic Empowerment


Feeding the Hungry

Help to feed less privilege children in South Africa . Corona Virus is a bomb that has touched the lives of everyone; rich, middle class and poor, but the bigger question is, who suffers the most from its blast? Which people have had the greatest impact? There is no doubt that the poorest people of any society are bearing the brunt of this pandemic.

The Challenge

The future of underprivileged children in Nigeria living on the streets is in darkness. Due to lack of education, these children are involved in stealing, drug addiction or are subject to kidnapping and sexual abuse. These children need love, happiness, counselling and guidance to live with dignity like other human beings.

The Solution

Under this project, ECSTD will provide street children with a meal, a toy and a set of new clothes. Our plan is to have a party on the street where we will be cutting a cake, sharing gifts, singing and dancing with underprivileged children. The poor children will have a nutritious and delicious meal including rice, meat, chicken, ice cream and a drink. This event will bring them happiness which they will cherish for many years to come


Children Education

Educating the less privileged in  South Africa. This campaign was designed to encourage feisty individuals in society to promote education to the less privileged in the country. For the poor children of South Africa, education should be their right and not a privilege. Refusing to offer education to those poor children, whose only misfortune stems from poor parentage, the world definitely spells doom for society. Educating the less privileged anywhere in the world would conform to the Sustainable development goals of the United Nations. IMPERATIVENESS OF EDUCATING THE LESS PRIVILEGE The idea of providing education to the less privileged in society cannot be over-emphasized. It is something desirable and can be actualized given the right resources. It is important that ECSDT solicit for philanthropic interventions in South Africa and abroad, knowing that granting education to those less privileged will not only guarantee their future but also help to curb joblessness and will help in reducing crime in society. Put a smile on the needy by giving them education. We are making efforts to reach out to all less privileged in society by giving them hope for education.  



Health Awareness Outreach

Million of low-income South Africa lack access to quality health care due to poverty. We as a humanitarian organization in South Africa know their plight, that was why we are come into existence to be a helper to the underprivileged people. Everyone deserves access to essential services. By donating to this cause, you are helping us to save lives and keep our society safe. No one deserves to die irrespective of your gender, tribe or your religion

Health outreach is something everyone should get involved. Occasionally, we carry on health awareness programs through radio, Tv programs, rural communities, markets to sensitize people on hygiene, HIV and AIDs, the health implication of female genital mutilation to the affected child etc, with the aim to keep people safe. During our hospital visitation, we discovered that the majority of patients in the hospitals have no hope of surviving due to lack of funds to pay a medical bill, buy prescription drugs recommended by doctors. Did we suppose to allow them to die due to a lack of funds to pay their medical bill? If your answer is No, Support this initiative by donating today. Please, share this initiative on your network to encourage people to take action.


Economic Empowerment

Empowerment of the youths both male and female in South Africa, in the above-named topic will require developing a program of acquisition of both knowledge and basic skills for a period of not more than 6 months by sourcing requisite funding from humanitarian organizations within Africa and overseas who are willing to help in the alleviation of joblessness with poverty attendant upon such debilitating condition among youths.

The program of youth empowerment has been meticulously articulated and studied by ECSTD our foundation and its practicability is not in doubt. Millions of young men and women have survived and given a sense of direction by governments, humanitarian organizations and public-spirited people in the past without which the world would not have been a success story to tell for them and such interventions by these organizations are praiseworthy and laudable.


Identification of the problems will give the impetus for solution search which ECSTD has done by designing a program of youth empowerment acquiring skill in a website and graphic design. Because the era of analog in computation and programming has gone moral public corporations, commercial organizations, and industrial/manufacturing concerns, now depend a lot on the use of a computer with internet applications in the day-to-day operations.

So acquiring basic knowledge and skills in information technology will give our beneficiary tool to set up a business to earn income or seek paid employment in establishments, commercial organizations. No institution will employ someone, who does not have skills in information technology. Our foundation target is to empower 40 youths annually in the area of information technology. Youth skills will focus on website design, digital marketing and graphic design for a period of six (6) months. 40 laptop computers and internet gadgets will be provided to each participant after the program. free mentorship will be provided to all the participants.